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Your tickets help provide much-needed compassionate care to patients, residents, families and care teams across Alberta. And your support remains critical this year, as your Covenant Health Grey Nuns and Misericordia Hospitals continue responding to new challenges every day.

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Casey’s Story

Technology helps connect mothers and fathers to their new babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Misericordia Community Hospital.

It’s very important to support health care, especially with all the cuts they must go under to keep up with new medical technology. Projects like NICU help moms connect with their newborns better. They help make you feel more comfortable and relaxed — which helps with the recovery.

 Our experience with Misericordia was exceptional. We felt welcome, cared for 24/7, and are very thankful for the patience the physicians and nurses had when we asked them the same questions yet again.

Christine’s Story

Taking the steps to recovery hand in hand with Covenant Health.

At one time or another, the need for health care affects all of us. Supporting Covenant Foundation Lottery is an investment for every Albertan to ensure Covenant Health can provide the best care possible for our loved ones, our communities, everyone one of us.


Where would I be without the care and support I received when I had my stroke? I honestly don’t know. There aren’t enough words for all that I want to say to the Covenant Health staff — who understand the importance of what they do and that it’s so much more than a job. When you enter the hospital as a patient, you are vulnerable, and you need to be treated gently and with respect. So having staff that can take care of your medical needs and your mental health challenges is essential. When I had my stroke, I was in so much denial I couldn’t even fathom what recovery would look like. The staff understood where I was and met me there. They were able to offer me the support I needed, both physically and mentally. Their care and compassion were paramount to my healing and in me taking the first monumental step in accepting that I had had a stroke. I’m where I am today because of their care, and I feel fortunate that I can help by sharing my story and the amazing work done by Covenant Health. Thank you to all my health care heroes!


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