Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Tickets

How can tickets be purchased?

What methods of payment are accepted?

Is the ticket tax deductible/do you get a tax receipt?

Must the ticket purchaser and the name on the ticket be over the age of 18 years?

Can tickets be put in the name of a corporation or business?

Can I choose a specific ticket number?

How many names can be put on a ticket?

Can orders be placed from people outside the province of Alberta?

Who cannot purchase tickets?

Do I need to purchase a main lottery ticket to purchase one of the add-ons?

Protecting Against Fraud

How will I know if a call or email I receive is fraudulent?

What to do if you receive an email from someone posing as Covenant Foundation Lottery and asking for your personal/credit card information?

What to do if you receive a call/email from someone saying you have won a prize from Covenant Foundation Lottery but you need to obtain a gift card; send payment; or give a credit card number to cover taxes or shipping?

Privacy & Personal Information

What is done with my personal information?

What is done with my credit card information?

Does the new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) affect lotteries?

How can I unsubscribe from your email list?

Ticket Information

How long does it take to receive the ticket in the mail?

What are the Main Raffle ticket prices?

How many tickets for the Main Raffle are sold in total?

What are the Split 50 ticket prices?

How many tickets for the Split 50 are sold in total?

What are the Cash Calendar ticket prices?

How many tickets for the Cash Calendar are sold in total?

Dream Home

What is the retail value of the Grand Prize package?

If I win the Grand Prize Home, do I have to live in it for one year or can I sell it?

What is the location of the Show Home?


What is the Loyalty Prize?

What is the Bonus Prize?

What is the Early Bird Prize?

What is the Split50 prize?

How many Split 50 tickets have been sold?

What are the Cash Calendar prizes?

How many prizes can be won?

What is the approximate total retail value of all of the prizes?

Are the prizes donated?

What is the value of the least expensive prize?

Where can I get a copy of the brochure?

Deadlines / Draws

What are the cut-off dates and draw dates?

What order are the prizes drawn?

If I win a prize, is my ticket still eligible for other prizes?


When will the winners list be posted?

How are winners notified and the prizes awarded?

What happens if I lose my ticket or I can’t find it?

Lottery Information

What is the licence number of the Main Raffle?

What is the licence number of the Split 50?

What is the licence number of the Festive Dream Dollars Lottery?

How many years has the lottery been active?

Where do proceeds from the Covenant Foundation Lottery go?

Who is the lottery manager?

Who issues the tickets?

I have a question about the Lottery and would like to speak with someone.